About K-Town Hub

Under the umbrella of K-Town Community, K-Town Hub provides, via our Collective Solution, an integrated business solutions to our members at one place. Our solution enables startups / SMEs to focus in business and product development. We believe that business and administration efficiency is the critical successful factor of today’s business environment. We make sure your business preference and needs are accommodated at less cost with higher quality, without compromising the importance of corporate governance and control matters. Most importantly, we entrust business ethic and integrity to the upmost respect.

Website: www.k-townhub.com
Email: contact@k-townhub.com


About K-Town Community

K-Town Community is a community-based organization that aims to accelerate the growth of startups and SMEs, without compromising the matters of corporate governance and internal controls, through effective entrepreneurial training ( K-Town Campus ) and implementation of Collective Solution.

Our Apporach: A New Theorem: 2C x 4C

“2C + 4C” is a win-win business model that we have adopted in particular to enhance the adherence of our members to K-Town Community. We gather members through events, meetups and trainings provided in the Community and enhance members’ knowledge in the Campus. Coaching is also used to enable members to have a deeper understanding and trust in us (training is about transferring knowledge while Coaching is about enhancing knowledge). They further use applications – Collective Solution (Co-Back Office, Co-Office, Co-HR and Co-Creaction) to collectively navigate their path to success.

2C (Community, Campus) and 4C - Collective Solution: (Co-Back Office, Co-Office, Co-HR and Co-Creation)

Website: www.k-towncommunity.com
Email: contact@k-towncommunity.com